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    Joel Teague

    I don't think this answers the question - and it's a pretty fundamental requirement of a time-tracking utility.  For each of the tasks in my project, how much time was spent compared to how much time we thought it would take?

    I'm wondering if it's one of those things that's so obvious we're missing it!

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    Marc Schaeffler

    Update on this matter -

    Best practise for the demand of only compare an original estimate of hours with the eventually tracked time: (1) Make sure you have a field in DevOps Boards where you fix the original estimate. If that field is not present, you can add this as a custom field in DevOps/TFS. (2) Have 7pace Timetracker automatically update the completed work field of the work item. (3) You have now all required information at every place in your environment at hand. You can either use that in a custom query in DevOps, see it in Times Explorer, export for further analysis in Excel or other tools, or use 7pace API's, or you even can create a roll up as described here:

    We will release our new built-in reporting feature in summer 2019; there will be a predefined report in one of the dashboards presenting this information with roll ups. This will anyways also require the pre-requisites described above in (1) and (2).

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