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    Benjamin Brison

    +1. We count our work in day of work as a base unit. We tried to count the time based on that principle at the beginning but it didn’t make sense the way TimeTracker was thought. We rolled back counting hours, using 8 hours as a day of work.

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    Marc Schaeffler

    Good point.

    Would this be a system wide setting then, or just to certain groups? (e.g. per project, team, security group?) Would that completely replace hours? Do you need the ability to track time (stop watch) in this context? Is a day automatically 8 hours then or is that depending on the team or is a translation not required at all?

    Thanks for getting us some clarification!

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    Benjamin Brison

    In our case, it would be a project setting, to keep the consistency of the time tracked for the whole team on a given project. If a day is used as a base unit, it doesn't really matter if it's 8 or 9 hours, we don't need to count the hours in the end. However, it's important to have the possibility to split a day, at least to a minimum of 1/4. For example, after one day of work on 2 tasks, we could have the following time tracked :

    Task A : 3/4 on 28/07/2017

    Task B : 1/4 on 28/07/2017

    The sum must be equal to 1 day for a day of work, based on that logic.

    Regarding the stop watch feature, it could still be used, but it would be an approximation based on the minimum value used for time tracking (1/4 day in my example, but it could be less, like 1/8, or even be a setting).

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    Marc Schaeffler

    Thanks for clarification, Benjamin.

    If the stop watch is somehow required, all tracking will be still in seconds - so data is kept in the smallest unit. (Currently, the internal unit to store time is seconds, system-wide). So a solution could be either that there are defined rules how to translate hours into days (or days into hours), or 'days' is an additional information that will be stored extra to each worklog. 

    Trying to boil this down, can we say that top priority for days is on the reporting side?

    Followed by easy noting down the efforts in days (e.g. by filling in the Timesheet, "I have worked today 1 full day on Task A")?

    Have you checked the "Billable" feature, introduced with 3.1.0 ( This is also metered in hours, but here you could easily translate a tracking of "real" time into a "reportable" time, where you put 8 hours per day as base unit, so 4 h is 1/2 day.


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