Start/Stop Time Tracker by moving card through board

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    Leah Copeland

    Thank you for your suggestion, Cody.

    We will add it to our backlog and our developers will prioritize accordingly. We will add any updates to progress here and we also regularly make blog posts on Timetracker updates, enhancements and fixes. We welcome you to subscribe to the 7pace blog to receive updates automatically.

    Thanks again for your input!

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    Hi Cody,

    This is great suggestion, I will put this into our backlog, but I'm not sure when we can implement this. We are working now on architecture changes to Timetracker, which will allow to handle this kind of events in your backlog. When we finish it, I think we can return back to this Feature Request.

    Stay tuned and thank you for this great idea!


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    Almiro Alves

    Great idea!

    We also need this a lot here in the company.

    Keep me informed, please.


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    Judy Forest

    Yes Please!!

    we just moved from another product to VSTS with Pace7.  This is biggest complaint I've heard about the product is that when the state of a work item is changed, their timer should stop.

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    Tomas Hood


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    Brian Williams

    In our testing we found it was not easy enough to start and stop the time manually. Our team members were constantly forgetting. We have decided to wait until this feature if complete before we start. 

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