Allow administrators to edit time entered by other team members

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    Artjom Ivan Roman Jensen

    This feature would corrupt the integrity of a time registration by making it less trustworthy, but on the other hand, it's currently possible to delete time by another user and add time on behalf of another user. So that cannot be an argument for not implementing this feature. I wonder what 7Pace think about this feature and whether it's planned in the future. Personally, it would be useful for us and people have asked for it several times.

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    Beth Moore

    Yes, as stated above there is a way to accomplish this it is just much more difficult than a direct edit.

    We need this ability because we don't always want to bill the full amount of logged time

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    7pace tech support

    We are thinking to provide this as optional setting available to set, not enabled by default.

    Artjom, even now when you delete and create new records on behalf of others: "Added By" field is set to person who created and never changed in the future.


    Maxim Lutsan

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    Howard Perkins

    I would really appreciate this feature. I'm at the end of the first month of live data using TimeTracker and am discovering a steady stream of changes that need to be made. It is a real pain having to constantly interrupt the devs to make these sorts of changes. I had this ability with our previous solution and the world didn't end ;-)

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    Beth Moore

    Regarding the Added By field, to give our perspective, it really just isn't important to us.  If we give an admin the rights to adjust time, that is all that matters.  If they have the permission, they are trusted to make the changes.  It isn't about dis-empowering the original time entry person.  It is about streamlining their time, performing administrative functions and dealing with one-off situations (they are on vacation for a week and a mistake is found).  Its great that you have tracked the Added By but  the 'sanctity' of who entered the hours isn't what's important to us.

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    Mark Powell

    We wouldn't want this limited to admins, but to anyone with permissions to approval a timesheet.  These are the people who will see issues that need to be corrected.  A common problem is when people are on holiday, we can't get correct their timesheet - this happens every couple of weeks so is very frustrating that there is still no solution

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    Paul Stanton

    Is there any movement on this? It currently requires a SQL query to adjust time. Administrators or time approvers should be able to make simple corrections.

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