New setting: Activity type (make users choose an activity type when adding time)



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    Hi Artjom,

    Nice feature request, I'll put it into our future feature with Rules for time tracking.

    Maybe until then I have intermediate solution for you: do you know that every user can define his own default activity type? Developers could set e.g. Development and testers Testing.

    It is available under Configuration->Activity Types.


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    Mark Powell

    This is a problem for us as well.

    Setting the default activity type often means that the default is used when it shouldn't be!

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    Andreas Olsson

    Great suggestion! This is a must!

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    Mike Driest

    Having the option in the 7pace Configuration to make the Activity Type be a required field would be a great addition.  The Timesheet view may need to be enhanced though to pop up the time entry screen after time is added to a task/PBI/bug/etc. so that the user can select the Activity Type.

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    Maneesha Yallanti


    Is this feature enabled? 

    Most of the time, our employees do not choose an activity type when registering time.

    - So almost all time registrations are the default value: [Not Set] 

    We suggest a configuration setting which would encourage users to actively choose an activity type.

    - E.g. leave the field empty, so the user can't add time without choosing activity type.


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    Artjom Ivan Roman Jensen

    @maneesha Yallanti, no it is not. This is just a feature request. It may get added in the future.

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    We would also like this feature developed.

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