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    You can start new track by calling startTracking method: http://timehub.7pace.com/apireference/index#/Client/Client_StartTracking

    This stops running track and starts new one with new details.



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    Angus Grant

    I would like to throw away the current track, and not record any entries in the database.

    A new track would then be started with a different work item id.

    Your suggestion of calling StartTracking records DB entry and ends the current track, and then starts a new track with the new id. Not quite what I want.

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    Alexander Romanenko

    I experience this a lot too. A specific case might help explain:

    1. I start work on item "meeting page adds client to navigation menu"

    2. Several hours in reviewing my commit, I realize that the work ended up actually being related to "navigation design" item because it wan't the meeting page that really couldn't add the client to menu, it was the menu being incapable of accepting any items from anywhere.

    3. To document actual distribution of effort, I go through all time records for that day against "meeting page" and recreate them inside "navigation"

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