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    Roman Fianta

    Hello Artjom,

    thank you for your feedback. The 'export' button actually exports all time entries together with information about any budget (or no budget). It is not affected by what budget you choose in the left menu at all. I totally see how UI can be confusing in this case.

    I recommend using Times Explorer as you suggested, e.g. using the predefined 'Budget Check-up' view for the start. 

    I will keep this feature request open, though, to see if other users would welcome an easy way to export worklogs related to a chosen budget directly from the Budget site.

    Best regards,
    Roman Fianta, Product Owner

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    Gillian Hoyle

    Hiya, i have had the same issue are above and from what i can see a number of other users have the same issue!

    The expectation is when you are in the budgets section and you click export you are then able to export all time entries relating to and assigned to that budget allow further data manipulation. but what it actually happens is it exports all time entries for that set period. for me this makes your budget nice in that it totals the hrs for us but useless as i cant pass the exporting info for payment. not really sure i see the benefit in the budgets section currently. 



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