Users in licence manager are added twice

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    Vanja Pletikosić

    Hello Pierre,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    This is caused by using two active directories at the same time. Timetracker user management relies on the user email, so if both active directories are returning user accounts with the same email, Timetracker will process them as the same account.

    We can address this in two different ways. We can either adjust this manually in the database.
    Or we can help you work around it, but for this approach we would need some additional information. You could resolve it in your AD (so it will not return same users with same emails) or resolve it with 2 different ways:

    • add to our backlog so that our developers can implement support of such rare cases as this looks like a feature request, and not a bug, however we would not have an ETA for this

    • or resolve it temporary on our side (but for this we will need additional information in a ticket)

    In any case I will create a ticket for us to continue working on this.

    Best regards,

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