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    Nicole Tropper

    Hi all, 

    I am thrilled to share that we introduced the soft delete feature within our latest release. That release entails a new API version 3.3-beta that comes with significant improvements, including the possibility to fetch information about deleted worklogs. To dive deeper into the specifics, I encourage you to explore our blog post or refer to our API documentation / API reference. 

    We are eager to hear your thoughts on this development. Whether you have inquiries, concerns, or valuable feedback to contribute about this feature, we invite you to engage with us. Feel free to drop a comment within this thread or on the corresponding blog post. Moreover, you're welcome to arrange an user interview with us at any time. 

    Thank you and all the best, Nici 

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    Roman Fianta

    Hello Milena, this is currently not possible because deleted worklogs are currently deleted for good.

    One way to solve this use case in the future would be by webhooks (you already found the respective feature request as I saw), but providing deleted worklogs via API could also be an option. I will mark this feature request as 'Gathering feedback' so that we can see how much popularity it will get.

    Best regards,
    Roman Fianta, Product Owner

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    Oleksiy Shtefchuk

    I'm also interested to have possibility to get deleted worklogs, workitems. Currently we make synchronization tool, so we should use something like that

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