To include "Closed Item" option in Time sheet entry for not showing "Closed Items" by default



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    Santanu Mitra


    Have not received any reply on this. Is there any update?


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    7pace tech support


    It is not yet planned.

    We are working on new features in Timesheet though and will consider implementing this into update.

    I'll post update here if we plan to include this feature to update.



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    Pierre-Marie Bercier

    We would like this feature implemented too.

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    Matthias Bayer

    This would help us very much as well. If you are working in the calendar view and just see the Task/Bug/UserStory title and you see e.g. 3 results with the same title and 2 of them are closed, you don't know which ones are closed until you open each one. The whole system gets very cluttered with workItems over time if we can't filter out the closed items. 

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    Sharla Ruland

    Agree with the concept of excluding closed items from allowing the booking of time at the User Story, Task and Bug level.  

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