Ability to add custom field(s) in the Add/Edit Time Record dialog box



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    Alexey Golovashov

    I would be glad to have the same functionality also. First of all to add an ability to create some custom fields with custom captions and then add different options of this field values: pre-defined list of the items with radio buttons or checkboxes.

    Also it would be nice to mark some custom fields as mandatory so the users cannot skip them during time reporting.

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    Jesper Leedgaard

    I would also like this functionality. At least just the ability to add simple custom string fields (Label,Value).


    We are integrating the timetracker with our internal ERP and invoice system. So for example we'd like to create a field for "Internal comments" (and a few other things). We can add fields to VSTS workitems, but they would not per time-tracking record.

    Currently, our only option is to create a mini-language for the comment field and parse that when transferring data. But that is highly error-prone.


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