Feature Request for "Completed Work" to roll up to parent PBI or Bug

Gathering Feedback



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    7pace tech support

    Hi Tony,

    This one is not in our high-prio list and it would not for all teams, but I think there are several ways to make this feature working using existing functionality.

    What do you do next with that data? Do you use it directly in VSTS/TFS or export somewhere?



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    Trent Brouillette

    This is also very important in our workflow.  Our individual teams are worried about booking time and focused on the task level.  But for reporting to the next level our teams just need the rollup of time actually spent, or aggregate of remaining work, or the "original estimate" to the parent work item.  

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    Stephan Polley

    You can also use VSTS rollup as a service. I use it and it seems to work fine.


    It would be nice if Timetracker did it out of the box though.

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