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    Jaydel Gluckie

    If this feature is implemented I want to make sure that my employees know if they are being tracked in that way or not.   Even just knowing that the ability to track your mouse clicks may affect the psychology of the workplace.

    What do you want to get out of those metrics?

    Both myself and the contractor give an estimate for a task and if they are more than few hours difference we talk about that difference.   Then they start working on that feature.   If they get it done in the amount of time we estimated I don't care what websites they visit or how many keyboard clicks they use.

    Do Employee Monitoring Services Actually Work? - My TechDecisions

    The only way I would think I would like this feature is to locally track what were the active processes running and maybe websites.   That way if I forget to enter in my time I can go back and see what I was working on.  I do not want to share this information with my boss (which is me anyways) nor do I want to be able to track what my employees are doing.

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    Andrea Moro

    Hi Ahmed,

    Thank-you very much for reaching out. Our goal is to help individuals and organisations manage their work, resources and budgets, and of course tracking time is a great way to go about that. However, employee monitoring is beyond the scope of our application, and we don't see this changing in the foreseeable feature. This is mostly because of what Jaydel already pointed out in the post above - although in some very specific use cases tracking mouse-clicks and keystrokes could be beneficial, we wouldn't want to build an overly intrusive solution which could potentially affect the relationship between people, their work and their workplace.

    Kind Regards,

    Product Owner -

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    Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin

    Ahmed, I agree with Jaydel and Andrea in this one. But if you are looking for a tool that can privately monitor your own time just for yourself and not share that info with the company, you could use Toggl Desktop app. Here an example of how it works:

    The red tracking is task tracking and the pink is Windows processes. I'm showing you what I had opened during a meeting, for example:

    Toggl can't integrate with 7pace, but it has a plugin that includes a start/stop button in Azure issues

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