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    7pace tech support

    Hi Cédric!

    Could you please check Jan.8th. Feb.8th, Mar.8th week for its approval state?

    It seems that 02/08 means not 2nd of August, but the 8th of February.

    Please let me know if this can help you.

    Kind regards,


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    Cédric Noureau


    We made some more tests and the behavior is a bit confusing.

    If the date we try to import is after the 13th, it works in both formats dd/MM/yy and MM/dd/yy.

    If the date we try import is before the 12th, it is considered only as MM/dd/yy.


    So yes you are right, 02/08 means the 8th of february.

    What's confusing is that 13/08 means the 13th of august as does 08/13.

    The behavior of the import should be consistent and accept only dates in one format instead of being "half intelligent" an deducing date format for dates after the 13th.

    It should also be mentioned somewhere what is the supported format (it isn't clearly displayed in the error message).





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    7pace tech support

    Yes, I agree, it is confusing and I've already reported it to our backlog.

    Sorry about that, it will be improved in our next releases.

    Kind regards,


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