Total time spent on each epic/features

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    Jean-Yves Laugel

    Workaround for the dev/power users : I made an command-line export tool for that (based on the 7pace API client code sample).

    It produces an Excel file with times groupes by parents and/or team member. See it here:

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    7pace tech support

    Hi Jy,

    Sorry for missing answer on the original FR. We are working on the API and Reporting page where these features will be available.

    I checked your sample and it works perfectly, thank you for contributing to Timetracker ecosystem!

    If you don't mind, I will put a link to your repository from our github page.


    Maxim Lutsan

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    Jean-Yves Laugel

    Hi Maxim Lutsan,

    No problem for the link. Feel free to reuse project or code as you want.



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