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    Hello Dylan,

    Could you clarify that you have both Taskbar block for the client and System Tray icon that shows current tracking status, is that right? What happens when you minimize and maximize the window? 

    Which version of 7pace Timetracker do you use? We had this bug some time ago. If you use some old version you can update it to fix the issue. If you use the new one, seems that bug has appeared again - then we will work on fixing it.

    Meanwhile, you can use some workarounds. Problem is that client is rendered somewhere outside your physical screen. You can use one of two approaches to get the client window back to your screen:

    1. Press Shift+Win+Left/Right arrow when the client is focused (right after you clicked on System Tray icon). This combination moves the window by screens. Finally, you can get it on your client on 

    2. Press Alt+Space when the client is focused, then press M. This activates move mode. Press Right arrow now and then move your mouse - the client should stick to the cursor.

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    Dylan Cottell


    Yes, I can confirm that I have both Taskbar block for the client and system tray icon. Minimizing and maximizing does nothing.

    I am currently on version

    Both workarounds work, however not straight away so anyone else who may have the issue please keep trying. For the first workaround, I had to press right multiple times for it to eventually come back on screen, and it took a couple of tries to get the second workaround to do anything.

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    Hi Dylan,

    I'm glad to hear that the issue is sorted out for you!

    You use the latest version, so seems that there is a bug. Thank you for the report. I've created the bug in our backlog (internal id #29146), so we will work on fixing it.

    Best regards,


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