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    7pace tech support

    Hi Robert,

    I understand your FR pretty well.

    It seems to me that there might be a solution for you: we added Activity Types feature a while ago to cover such cases like you have: split activities by types of work done during tracking.

    Do you use "Activity Type"? If you are not using this for your other reporting purposes, maybe this will be a solution for you? Customize Activity Types and add some for your need like "Office Billing", "Working on Tasks" and "Meeting with Coworker" (these are just samples).

    What do you think about this?


    Maxim Lutsan

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    Robert King

    Hi Maxim,


    We do use activity types however the core of the issue still remains. I can't have 2 trackers running in parallel. which requires me to constantly be switching back and forth between tasks.

    Having a clock in / clock out overall timer would be fantastic for tracking my billable hours, that way I can track task time and not have to remember the hours I've worked also.


    Thank you! Keep up the great work

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    7pace tech support

    Ok, got it.

    Right, we do not have such an option now. It was not in our plans too, so I am not sure when we can implement it.

    I will mark this FR as Gathering feedback to keep it opened and get back to it when we adjust our plans.


    Maxim Lutsan

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    our workflow is that people book to the lowest level workitem they are on - ie PBI, bug etc.   But for overall project meetings, standups etc then folk book time to the epic.   The ability for timetracker to rollup all the time on sub-items is one of its best features.   The delta between time in the office and timetracker is then fairly low, and we don't worry about the difference.

    If you really want to track every single hour I would suggest you create a separate TFS project.  Create 'permanent' workitems/tasks in there such as HR meeting, holiday, sick, sales, support  etc - depending on how you want to organise it.

    This way you can report separately on the work tasks and the non-work tasks will not affect the TFS project velocity. You can still report against both together if you want to check the hours worked.


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