Feature Request for ability to automatically start timesheet when I login to Windows

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    Maxim (Andarth) Shestakov


    Could you please provide more details on your use case?
    How would the workitem selection process look like? Should it show some window where you could select WI to track on? Or it should start tracking on some predefined WI?

    >pass my login credentials without having to enter them each time
    Don't get what you mean. Are you entering your credentials each time you are starting Window Client? It looks like incorrect behavior.

    Maxim (Andarth)

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    Jim Corriveau


    I don't think i'm talking about time tracker, i believe it is called time sheet.  It does not need to select a work item, it just needs to open automatically.  It would be nice if it had the setup option to open full screen, last used, or minimized.  (Last used would be whatever the screen size/location was when i closed the app last).

    Passing my login credentials or token, single sign on so i don't have to login.  When you open Outlook, Skype, Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, and so on, i don't need to login each time... (also support MFA in this scenario).  So accept my Active Directory and/or Azure Active Directory credentials.  Currently, when i start timesheet I am prompted to login and multi-factor authenticate, now this may just be the way we have configured TFS, i don't know, but i do know i have to login each time and it is not a value add step.

    Here is a screenshot of the app i use, hope this helps.

    Thank you for taking time to look into this,


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