Feature Request for additional filtering on the Timesheet page

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    Sharla Ruland

    Having this ability, to force time tracking to a particular work item would be nice.  In our Org, we are trying to get folks to take a user story and break up into task that can deliver something "installable".  User Stories are usually too broad.  However, for some time tracking it should be at possibly a Feature level that allows you to capture more General Admin type activities.  Not sure how to best implement, but I like the idea Fred posted and could take my Admin type activities to a task instead of the level I have them now if this functionality becomes a reality.

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    Maxim (Andarth) Shestakov

    Hi everyone!

    We are planning to revise Timesheet page functionality and UX in the nearest future (internal id 31117) and we will keep in mind your request.
    Do I understand correctly that both suggestions could be covered with some kind of filters like "hide/show only direct parent" or "show N levels of parents"?

    Maxim (Andarth)

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