Add possibility to modify start time without stopping timer

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    Hi Michael,

    We are preparing our plans for the next year and indeed we have this in our plans among other improvements for the tracking experience (internal id 23981).

    I will update this post when more exact roadmap is ready.


    Maxim Lutsan

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    Greg Tate

    This would be extremely helpful for us. We're lacking adoption of the client because our users forget to push Play at the right time. Our users end up going to the web page to enter time entries instead. 

    Having the ability to modify the start time while running would alleviate this issue and help drive adoption.


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    Jared Kremer

    This is negatively impacting adoption as well. I come from a company where we used harvest with Jira Integration many years ago, and the biggest part of the reason to use was the ease of use for developers. We need to get data in before we can report. I have myself and a few devs who are trying this out. But i start into a meeting, or working on something and need to start, and remember to go back in and set the time back later. 

    I cant expand this to the rest of the company without better UI within the desktop application. 

    Also changing work items resets the type of work, etc. 


    Soon as we get these resolved we can expand this out. 

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    Jaydel Gluckie

    I agree with the above comments!  For our company, being able to SET the start time before you click start is the important part for me, modifying it while running would be gravy..   

    An add on to this would be if it were smart enough to know that if you are clicking start and the previous record end time was 10 minutes ago to suggest that maybe that should be the new start time.

    I could see that with the Azure Devops integration being able to change things while the time is running might be difficult because you have to worry about modifying the work item for completed hours etc etc.  so have fun with this one!

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