Error 504 and 500 when using Reporting API with Power BI

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    Hi Beka,

    Please let me know what API version are you using, is it 2.1 or new 3.0?

    We have improved performance for the API 2.1 in the latest version, so that data retrieval should be improved, but still 3 years per 40k rows will be ~120k rows, that will be more than 100mb of data, not sure that this is the best approach.

    And 2.1 does not support paging.


    What we can do is maybe you try to switch to 3.0 version, it works faster, allows you to select only data you want and supports paging, grouping and filtering out the box:


    Maxim Lutsan

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    Beka Kobaidze

    Hi Maxim,

    thanks for the quick reply.

    Indeed, I'm still using 2.1. It will be a lot of work to migrate to 3.0 and I was hoping I could avoid that.

    I found another temporary workaround, maybe it's interesting for other users. I just copy the data of past years to excel, import the excel to Power BI and append it to the current (short-term) Timetracker query.


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