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    Maxim (Andarth) Shestakov

    Hi Artur!

    Thanks for your Feature Request.
    It is not in our current roadmap, so I've set state "Gathering Feedback" for it and let's see if the community will like this feature (we are setting priorities based on votes and activity on feature requests)


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    +1 ... I agree with Artur, this would be a very helpful addition.  We recently migrated from Jira/Tempo and the 7pace interface is much clunkier for adding our time than Tempo was in Jira and therefor takes longer.  The import is the only feature that allows me to come close to my previous amount of time it took me to add hours with Tempo (although it still takes longer with 7pace).  As I have to enter hours on multiple separate projects every day I need to import multiple times.  A simple match of the first line would save me from having to manually click and select each heading every single time I import.

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    Andrea Moro

    Hi Stephanie,

    thank-you for your message. My colleague Sascha reached out to you via email to ask if you'd be willing to catch up with us and discuss your experience with time-entry, we'd love to hear more about your use case!

    Many thanks,

    Product Owner -

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