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    Hi Jaroslav,

    7pace Timetacker uses DevOps API to search by work items. The query which is used there is pretty heavy and recursively runs itself inside according to DevOps API documentations. That's why DevOps limits its usage and delays requests when limit is exceeded.

    This kind of throttling causes issues in big organizations that use search a lot within 7pace Timetracker. 

    Unfortunately, enabling full text search would worsen these issues and slow down the search process, so we can't do it at the moment.

    We're working on ideas of using hybrid caching which would improve search performance and wouldn't affect search results. When it will be implemented we would be able to use full text search.

    Although we can't implement full text search now, your feedback is valuable for us and can be used later. Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind regards,


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