The controller for path '/_public/_Bundling/DynamicBundles' was not found or does not implement IController

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    Hi Simon!

    As I see you use an on-premise application version.

    Did you update versions or change your 7pace Timetracker or DevOps Server (TFS) configuration recently?

    This is a warning message that is produced by DevOps Server (TFS) as it tries to request files that are missing in children's containers (iframes). Usually, it doesn't affect Timetracker and it continues working properly.

    I can suppose that there is one more issue that causes failure. I'll need your assistance and further details to investigate this issue, so I'm creating a support ticket for you.

    Kind regards,


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    Simon Whiteley

    No, there have been no updates to Timetracker or TFS for a while - a few weeks.

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