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    Hi Thomas

    thank you for your suggestion, it is an interesting use case you are describing! And it is also a complicated one...

    Though we are very well integrated with Azure DevOps, to the point that some customers don't realise this, we are separate entities. Our focus, and the main focus of our Windows client is time-tracking, whilst activities like creating a new task or bug happen at the DevOps level. This unfortunately means that for the time being we have little room for manoeuvre in use cases like the one you described, and are limited in what we can do there.

    Nonetheless, as I said, this is an interesting use-case you brought to our attention, so thank you again for reaching out to us. 

    Kind regards,


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    Thomas Ibbotson

    Hi Andrea,

    I'm glad my suggestion was so well received! 

    I understand this could be technically difficult to pull off. The fact that projects can have different processes is the main challenge because creating a work item for an org can have many different types of work items at the task level of the backlog. This would require a project project filter but from that point could see the backlog level, area and iteration defaults and even the work item templates which could be a simple way to manage the work item creation and required fields. Trying to let DevOps be the source for this and just managing the APIs should make this easier to implement and manage technically. This is just how I envision this feature working and have no technical experience. 

    Thanks for the feedback and I hope this could become possible. The main benefit it that large teams with little devops experience could start tracking work and time against projects effectively to introduce more users to 7pace and DevOps. I often have less technical staff and find training them on devops to be a barrier for getting buy in to using the application. 

    Many Thanks


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