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    Hi Gary,

    Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. These are all good ideas, so I have broken them up into different threads for better traceability. Some of these were raised before, in which case I linked  the relevant post so you can upvote it there if you would like to.

    • Set the start time to X minutes ago (For when I forgot to start a timer or someone came to ask me for help with something) - see here
    • Set the finish time to X minutes ago (For when I moved onto another task) - see here
    • Add in a new task, with the start and end times, then create my next task. (For when I did a small job with no tracking) - see here
    • Be able to view most recent tasks saved, so that I can edit them within the app - see here

    Thank you again and do let us know if you think we missed anything or that we misunderstood your suggestions.

    Kind Regards,


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