block modification of billable column after timesheet approval

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    Nicole Tropper

    Hi all, 

    there is setting which can prevent certain roles to change the billable flag after the week has been approved. Just go to Settings > Rules > Billable settings > Role that can edit billable time. 

    All the best, Nici 

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    Thank-you for your suggestion!

    Our current implementation assumes that only after one knows how much a certain item costed (how much time was logged against it) they decide 'how much' they want to bill. Of course this isn't a one-size-fits-all type of approach and in some instances the process works the other way around, as you pointed out. I look forward to see what others think about this so we can then raise it higher with our Development Team (and maybe figure out a way to make this configurable).

    Kind Regards,


    Product Owner -

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    Dieter Probst

    Hi Andrea and Balasubramani,

    I support this request. In our organization, the team member suggests the billable flag, the project manager approves it (together with the timesheet). Afterwards invoicing depends on it. Being able to modify it jeopardizes data integrity between our invoicing system and the time registration. Therefore I support the idea of being able to block changes for billable flag at some point in time. It can very well be blocked by timesheet approval, however a separate blocking function could be a helpful option as well.

    Best regards,

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