Do not use the "system default" activity type for new entries in the time sheet

Gathering Feedback



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    Andrea Moro

    Hi Stefan,

    thank you very much for reaching out. This is a very valid suggestion, though I suspect we will want to do some testing on this before breaking any existing pattern. We will keep you posted via this thread and might reach out in a while for further feedback if that's OK with you.

    Kind Regards,

    Product Owner - 

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    Jaydel Gluckie

    As long as this searches for the last record that was used regardless how long ago it was, this would work for what I need.   

    This would work well because when you start specifying a feature it will show as specification.  Then when you develop it would switch to development as a default.  Then when you are testing you would change it from development to testing and it would continue to default to testing.

    If you switch back and forth between activities you would have to change it from something to something else.   That's better than changing if from whatever you have as default to what you want.

    If you use <none> and then change it to something that may be a problem because someone might be testing but it puts the activity as development.   For me that's totally not an issue but for others it might be.   

    This feature would save me about 100 mouse clicks a day or 5 minutes / 2 hours a month...   and a lot of annoyance at having to scroll through a list to find my value I need..

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    Sascha Zierfuss

    That sounds like a cool idea, remember to upvote the topic to raise it's priority!

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