Wildcard support in Times Explorer's Area Path filter

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    Roman Fianta

    Hello Péter, 

    Jean-Sebastien is right, you can select multiple Area Levels in Column Options of Times Explorer view, and then filter records according to the specific Area Level.

    So if I have Area Levels 1 / 2 / 3 set as this:

    • Test / Company 1 / Branch 1,
    • Test / Company 1 / Branch 2,
    • Test / Company 1 / Branch 3,

    then I can filter 'Company 1' in 'Area Level 2' in Times Explorer and the result will contain all children of Company 1.

    Does this solve the issue for you?

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    Jean-Sebastien Parent

    You could use "Area Level 1" column at "Root" and column "Area Level 2" at "Company 1" and I think that would work in your case. Worth a try :)

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