Feature Request for ability of each user to specify if their time should be billable




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    Roman Fianta

    Hello everybody,

    it is my great pleasure to announce that this feature - allowing developers to select the value of 'billable' directly when adding or tracking time - has been released recently. You can check Release notes of version 5.36 for more details. We will be grateful for any feedback!

    All the best,

    Product Owner at 7pace

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    Nadja Smarsly

    Hi Team, 

    we have the same problem and wish this button in the time entry mask too. 

    It is important for us and saves us a lot of work.

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    Andrea Moro

    Hi Nadja,

    thank-you for reaching out. We often find that our customers prefer keeping the overhead of logging time to a minimum for their Developers. This is why budgeting, billing etc are handled 'separately' within TimeTracker. However, as I understand it, your request implies that each individual user should always know whether a task they are working on is billable or not. Is this correct? Would you be able to elaborate a bit on your request, maybe sharing a real-life example of how you'd use this feature if at all possible?

    Many thanks,

    Product Owner -

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    Dieter Probst

    Hi Andrea,

    we are having a similar situation. In our projects we have established policies which define whether time has to be registered as billable or not. An example would be, if I am working on a topic not familiar to me for a customer project. I will report the whole time spent on the project, but register the hours it took to educate myself as non-billable. This judgement has to be made by the team member and it would be benefitial if this could be done during time registration (instead of afterwards using time explorer).

    At the end, the project manager has the ability to overrule this judgement, but this is always based on the initial proposal of the team member.

    I appreciate your effort to keep the registration effort to a minumum. According to my judgement. providing this checkbox as part of the dialogue and populating it with the default value from the parameter setting would not generate overhead on logging time. By the opposite: Having to open time explorer after time registration to adjust the billable flag does. So for us, this would be of great help.

    Thanks and best regards,

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    Nadja Smarsly

    Hello Andrea,

    when we have 10 people working full time on our projects. And these people create up to 5 different entries for just one day. Then the effort to categorise this, for the project manager, whether it is billable or not, is far too high.

    The employee himself knows whether it is billable or not. If not, the project manager still has the chance to change it.

    If the employees could simply tick the box directly when entering the data. This would simplify things for the employees and the project managers.


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