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    Leah Copeland

    Great suggestion, Andreas.

    We will add this to our backlog. Our developers will update this post if they decide to implement this feature. You can also subscribe to the 7pace blog for feature updates, improvements and fixes on Timetracker.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Hi Andreas,

    In TFS/VSTS, the “Activity” field can only be used on Tasks/Bugs, which as you know, is the smallest, most low-level work item. With Timetracker “Activity Types”, you can assign these all the way up to the Epic level and it is based on the tracks of time spent on epics, tasks, stories, bugs, etc.  You may need to, for example, set the “Activity Type” of an item to “Development” to cover development-related time tracking and for the same story, you may want to assign the “Activity Type” of “Testing” to time spent on that item by the QA Engineer.

    As you see, we can have many different “Activity Types” for time records for the same work item, but we can only have one “Activity” for it in TFS/VSTS.

    We understand, that every team can have own specifics in working with Work Items, therefore we will add possibility to add any TFS/VSTS field into Times Explorer, for example Activity, please follow this request for updates: 

    I hope this will help for your scenario of working. 

    Please let us know if you have any more ideas.


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