Allow Time entry only against Task

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    7pace tech support

    Hi Everybody!

    Let's merge this Feature request to the similar one, it will raise its priority (based on votes)



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    Hi Santanu,

    We have this in our plans, we call it Rules: in that feature we'll provide set of rules you can enable and customize to reduce tracking against some specific conditions, e.g. not allow tracking on Epic or Features.

    You can also check another feature requests related to rules:



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    Mario Marzuki

    Dear Maxim do you have any update please on how far along the "Rules" feature is in the Development Roadmap? This is something that we are very interested also. For example we would like to create rules which would only allow engineers to log their time against Features or PBIs, but never Epics or Tasks. Cheers, Mario

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    Sebastiaan van Steenoven

    Hi Maxim, Is there a update on this request.  Regards, Sebastiaan

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    Has anyone heard any updates on this feature?

    This is an important feature for me to complete my decision of buying this product or not.


    Does it usually take this long to hear back from 7pace on issues?

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    Magnus Schroder

    We are also needing this control. 

    Please provide an update on when it is planned.



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