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    Hi Andre,

    Sorry for issues you have with Timetracker.

    Let me try to give some information about how time tracking works in browser and how Work Item Automation adjusts completed/remaining work.

    1 - Random disconnects and time loss

    When you start tracking in browser: we run a timer on server side, it does not run on client and if you close browser or web page of Timetracker: timer will still run. But if you keep page opened, after 6 minutes real-time connected is suspended until next interaction with the page, this is done to save resources on server application.

    So even if it says "Disconnected": track can run on server, just hover the page to reconnect.

    There is couple of scenarios when tracking can be stopped though: when you use Activity Check or when track is too long, please check these articles https://support.7pace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005122146--Time-Tracking- and https://support.7pace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002627966-7pace-Timetracker-Web-Client-#Web%20Client%20Activity%20Check%20Settings for more information and double check if you are not using activity check to be done often.


    2 - Work item automation not working 100%

    Work Item automation triggers updates only on stop tracking, it is not updating fields during tracking.

    >After tracking for close to 4 hours, completed is at 3.95 and remaining is at 1.2).

    But this looks suspicious and I would like to investigate this case. To do investigation, could please send screenshots of affected work item history during that track, there should be entries with changes from Timetracker and it will be very helpful to analyze what happened.



    Maxim Lutsan

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