Remaining Work not updated when tracking time

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    Hello Berkley,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.


    Original estimate/effort is not used in the calculations of remaining and completed time.

    The Remaining Work field acts like an auto-decrease field. For example, if you type in a value of 3 manually in the Remaining Work field - it means that you're going to work on this item for 3 hours. If you then track time for 1.3 hours, Timetracker decreases this field value from 3-1.3 = 1.7 So, the value in the Remaining Work field will become 1.7 automatically. Likewise, the Completed Work field updates automatically with the total time that is tracked or added for that work item.

    The settings for Pace, Completed Work and Remaining Work are per project, so if you have more that one project, you need to apply these setting to your other projects as well. You can now do this in one spot with the "Apply & Copy to other projects" button, also found under "Work Item Automation". You can just select that button and then cherry-pick from the resulting list to which projects you want to apply the settings.

    Please make sure that Timetracker is configured to to use for pace computation the field that is used to estimate "Effort" in PBI's.

    Pace computation will not work with the remaining work field from tasks (it requires effort from PBI's).

    If you feel there is an error in calculation, please contact with the details from the "History" tab of the work item - each Work Item change is reflected there.


    > Our free trial ends today, so I would like to see this resolved before we decide to invest in this product.

    Please, contact We will gladly extend your trial.


    Kind regards,

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