Request for Email Notifications for Approval: Want to be alerted via email when someone hasn't submitted their weekly timesheet

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    Magnus Schroder

    Also, it would be great if administrators could set automatic reminders to be sent to users that have not submitted their Timesheets at a pre-configured time. 

    Preferably it could be configured to send a reminder a set number of hours/days/weeks after the last work day, or even before end of the last work day (number of hours/days negative or positive relative to the end of last work day of the week).

    Reminders could be made via email or some other means of communication

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    Ashutosh Bhalerao

    I need this feature as well.

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    Maxim Shestakov

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Depending on what you were meaning exactly by the word "submit", as it could be connected to the Approval process, or to entering time tracks to the items, we have a couple of Feature requests for that:

    Enter time:

    Please add your votes in corresponding threads, so we could focus all user votes in one place, but not in several similar threads.
    Current thread I'll mark as a read-only, so let's do all discussions in the threads I've mentioned above.


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