Feature Request for ability to make reports on Reporting page shareable

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    Hi Andres

    thank you for your message!

    We do have a similar request on our community, see here. However that is about sharing a Layout, whilst as I understand it you would like to create a report and then share a snapshot with your colleagues (they should see the same report with the same data as you see it).

    For now, I captured this as a separate request in our system (ID: 34134). We will keep an eye on it and we will raise this higher with our Development Team depending on the amount of interest it will receive on our Community.

    Thank you again for your input and have a great weekend!



    Product Owner - www.7pace.com

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    Vladimir Derunov

    We interested in this ability too. It's very inportant in now days for any company.

    Ability to share report dashboard with other coworkers/departments + ability to copy report dashboard:

    1) share: I created some report dashboard with (for example) 25 widgets in some special order. And I want other employees to be able to access this report dashboard and see the same data that I see. As first simle action will be enough to develop ablity via some checkbox which will provide ability to see my report for all company employees. And as finall solution (later) you can develop some detailed ability to share my report only with some selected coworkers.

    2) copy: I created some report dashboard with (for example) 25 widgets in some special order. And I want to have ability copy(clon) this report with 25 widgets via some one click option. CUrrently I have to create new report dashboard and export-import each widget code independtly + to place it in the same order. It is very very huge work

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